The project

« I must confess that, between economics and ethics, I do not draw a sharp line but I make a distinction. »

The Daynà project was born from the research undertaken by Pascal Tribouillier and Gil Grillo with Indian partners specializing in Ayurveda, traditional medicine from Southern India.

Taking the Ayurvedic method, this process is based on a wish of efficient and pertinent hair care solutions for a Western clientele.

The research criteria were based essentially on addressing the nutritional and hydrating needs of the hair and scalp, as well as the efficacy of these formulas to mitigate the natural drying process and damaging effects of chemical coloration.

Daynà proposes traditional Ayurvedic formulas, as well as oils and other products created specially on new recipes, inspired from Ayurveda and adapted to the Western client (textures, scents, … for a better comfort of use)

The Daynà products are 100% natural and adapted to all hair types.